About Us

Inclusivity in Practice Limited is a company founded by Dr. Doirean Wilson, a notable cultural diversity expert with global HR experience as an academic and practitioner. It produces Journals, Conferences, Summits, Roundtable Meetings and Bespoke Boardroom Consultancy Services.

Inclusivity In Practice partners with the AMPP Group to provide cutting edge, innovative communication platforms, to enable diversity stakeholders to engage effectively and in real time, no matter where they are in the world.

With 20 years of experience behind her, Dr Wilson recognised the need for an organisation that would promote greater awareness and understanding of a variety of diversity issues from the perspective of inclusivity. The organisation would move beyond simple tick box exercises that show how to implement policies and procedures to, instead, inform and therefore enable entrepreneurs, HR policy advisors and business leaders to understand, globally, the issues, implications and impact of diversity on their organisations, now and in the future. The multicultural workforce tends to be a reflection of globalisation, multiculturalism and migration and business leaders are recognising the impact it has on organisational dynamics.

Inclusivity In Practice’s Thought Leaders therefore promote an awareness of inclusivity that helps practitioners to recognise, nurture and harness difference, and the meaning of respect, in order to get the best out of their workforce. The result is increased efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, positive impact on their company’s bottom-line.

Inclusivity In Practice aims to achieve this by working very closely with and listening to those at community leadership and boardroom level, those involved with policies, procedures and meeting organisational needs in context with business sustainability. It will conduct fresh and on-going research that highlights the impact of inclusivity on the future by drawing on the knowledge and the broader scope of scholars. Finally, it will marry this scholarly evidence and research with practitioner experience and insight to inform best practice on local, regional and global platforms.